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 Jack Needs a Cure for Type II Diabetes... 

                Sophisticated Analytics Can Help us

                                               Get There Faster

Whether it’s cancer, autism, breathing difficulties, cystic fibrosis or other serious afflictions, children are in need of better treatments and cures.  The Kolker Lab is developing powerful analytic techniques and tools to enable scientists to understand highly complex data to help Jack and countless other children live healthier, happier lives.

 Your gift can make a difference for children in our community and around the world. 


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Basic Principles of Proteomics:

Mass Spectrometry and Column Chromatography Explained

Our goal for K-12 outreach is to provide a basic understanding of proteomics through hands-on activities.

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SPIRE is a freely available, web-based proteomics analysis pipeline, which researchers use to process raw mass spectrometry data into protein identifications and analysis options. MOPED is a proteomics database that supports rapid browsing of protein expression and meta-analysis capabilities for model organisms and humans.

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A Lab for Collaboration and Analysis

The mission of the Kolker Lab is to propel biomedical discovery by translating Data to Knowledge to Outcomes. We accelerate and optimize your work through intuitive, reliable, and powerful analytics.